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India manager Sunil Subramaniam called back from West Indies

India Tour of West Indies 2019: BCCI has given Sunil Subramaniam, the administrative manager of the Indian team, to senior officials of the Indian High Commission in the Caribbean He was recalled from the West Indies tour on Wednesday (August 14) due to alleged misconduct. A top BCCI official told PTI that Subramaniam would have to appear before BCCI Chief Executive Officer Rahul Johri in Mumbai and respond to the alleged misconduct from a senior Indian Foreign Service (IFS) official. The IFS officer had approached the government's request for a video shoot with the players to promote water conservation.

A senior board official said, "The Indian team had a long shoot for the water conservation project and they had to oversee it. At the end of this shooting, he was sent an email asking him to return with the first flight. "

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It remains to be seen whether Subramaniam will get an opportunity to appear for the interview of the administrative manager who was selected for the post. The former Tamil Nadu spinner offered an unconditional apology for alleged misconduct with officials of the Indian High Commission in Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. But this incident is sure to make him lose this position with the national team.

It is learned that Subramaniam attributed the stress to his alleged misconduct. "In his apology, he said that he had not completed his sleep and was under stress, which caused him to behave in this manner." He has apologized unconditionally. But you have to understand that this matter has reached the high level of government officials and the BCCI cannot do much on this matter. ”

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He said, "It was first felt that he would be called in Mumbai on August 16, but all the interviews would be done on that day. So now he will go to Chennai by then and then be called to appear before the CEO. "

Subramaniam (52 ​​years) was accused of constantly ignoring phones of senior government officials. Then he did not even pick up the phones of BCCI officials. The senior official said on Wednesday, "A very senior person of the Indian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago asked for his cooperation, he told him not to send me a message again and again." The BCCI came to know that he also called her Not raised while they were following the government's directive. Former coach of Ravichandran Ashwin, Subramanian has played 74 first class matches and taken 285 wickets.

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